Cardigan Welsh Corgi 

Greetings to everyone who came to my home page.

I want to introduce myself, my name is Aivengo.

I was born into a large and friendly family Zhacardi. I have wonderful parents Fico and Mary, cardigans coolest in the world, and Bob Papa Bob and Mama Anna, who raised me until I did not have new parents. Now I live with my mother Katya Oleg dad and two boys. At home I certainly nobody calls Ivanhoe. Everybody calls me Venya, and even Venik, Benjamin Fikonych or just - Fikonych. I hope to grow in the same class cardigan, my mother Mary and father Fico.

And now my mom Kate wants to say a little about me.

The Cardigans is impossible not to fall in love, and I was no exception. After learning more about them, I have decided that we definitely will ever be Corgi, but not soon. However, it turned out differently. Suddenly gone over the rainbow, our Labrador, and fate sent us Venya. We just love it all. He is absolutely ours. We are grateful to Anna and Basil for having entrusted us with Venya.


And again, I, Venya. My family and I are always glad to see all on my page.


Zhacardi Aivengo (aka Benjamin Fikonych)

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