Жакарди Аэлита


I - Toto, or just Tosha. Actually, my name is Aelita, and I was born in the house, "Zhacardi". We had a lot of fun with my brothers and sisters, but we all know that everyone will have to find a new family.

My mother Julia came into the house, "Zhacardi" not for me. It was with his friend Katya, for her to choose one of my brothers. But when he saw me, could no longer live without me! Like this! Katya was the mother of my little brother Veni.

Now I live with my mother Julia and father Arsen. Daddy loves me too. It was he wanted me to name Toto. And yet, I have my own security - Central Asian Shepherd Aunt Khasya. However, I myself can not stand up for themselves, but it would be safer.

Mom and Dad think I'm the most beautiful in the world corgi and pampered me. I am pleased, but I do not allow myself too much. I am very sensible girl, because everything should be in moderation! But sometimes you can fool around and have fun, especially when dealing with siblings. Oh, I know it!

I am happy that I now own loving family. If you want to know us, we will always be happy!


I wish you all good luck!



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