Вельш корги пемброк

Welsh Corgis are a group of herding breeds (I group FCI) and are the smallest dog. Being bred in Wales, they won the love in the world for its friendly, unpretentious, flexibility and ingenuity.

Pembroke - unusually cheerful, active dog, his eye-catching good looks, bright and positive. Outside, resembling short-legged fox, it has to itself and causes a kind smile.

However, this is not the lapdog, but a real working breed. Pembrokes easily master all kinds of training and fun to perform at competitions agility, freestyle, flaybolu, good at circus tricks.

Compliance with the dog breed regulated standards (FCI № 39) that all breeders should be guided in their work

Welsh corgi - ideal dog for active families with children. He will become a great friend, a companion and a nurse, always cheer up and support any funny children's games. These dogs can not ostavlyatv odinochistve and caged.

Pembroke - a small fluffy sun in your house. They are very popular both in Russia and around the world. A great admirer of this breed is the Queen of England.

Work with this breed is always interesting and positive.


We are ready to cooperate with all breeders, owners and fans of this wonderful breed!

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