Вельш корги кардиган

Welsh corgi cardigan - unusual breed! With its small size of this dog miraculously it combines quality and excellent shepherd and vigorous athlete, and companion and nurse, and even the security guard!

Welsh Corgis are a group of herding breeds (I group FCI) and are the smallest dog. Being bred in Wales, they won the love in the world for its friendly, unpretentious, flexibility and ingenuity.

Welsh corgi - unusually cheerful, active dog, his eye-catching good looks, bright and positive.

Cardigans perfectly adjusted to the individual requirements of the owner.

Compliance with the dog breed regulated standards (FCI No 38) that all breeders should be guided in their work

With cardigan welsh corgi, you can deal with any kind of training: shepherd's work, agility, freestyle, flaybol ... For proper physical and mental formation cardigan need long walks, swimming, a lot of communication is unacceptable and idleness, loneliness and the content in the cell.

This is an active dog with a pronounced working qualities. Quality cardigans Russian breeding is growing steadily and they are serious competition at the exhibitions of the highest level.


We tried to fans of this rather rare and unique breed became more!

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